The GOAT-Alan “Nasty” Nash

March 5, 2019 Thom Trippier 0

Alan “Nasty” Nash is hands down the greatest toe wrestler of all time!

Not only has Alan Nash won 16 World Toe Wrestling Championships, he has brought more attention to the sport than anyone else. He has been featured on ESPN, 60 Minutes, and the Tonight Show. As you can see in the video above, the dude is a straight up beast at the toedium! He is over the age of 50 and just travels around winning toe wrestling championships getting local hookups. Dating a toe-wrestling god would be a dream for any toe bunnies on the circuit.

Love-life aside, Nasty Nash is without question the GOAT! One simply can’t argue with total domination (pun intended). … Continue Reading

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What is Toe Wrestling?

January 15, 2019 Thom Trippier 0

A lot of people may not have heard of this game yet. Toe wrestling has become quite official in many countries. It indeed has a strange beginning as much as it is a strange sport where competitors use their toes to subjugate others in a contest. Again, the sport has humble beginnings and many people may not see the sporting event in the same genre like boxing, free style wrestling or other forms of martial arts. It happens on the ground with bare feet and is perceived comical at first sight. Yet for many it remained a new introduction as its inventors themselves had in mind when they turned it into a competitive game.

Although toe wrestling came about in the year 1974 it never did well enough and had almost disappeared from view for long periods unlike its closest cousin the hand wrestling sport. It is still doubtful in several sports loving people whether it would broader its horizon and get adequate backing at least in line with that of wrestling sports events.

History of Toe Wrestling

The history of toe wrestling began in 1974 when 4 men who drank heavily at an Inn in Staffordshire UK. For a long time they were rather peeved to hear that the country UK that they loved never actually produced a world champion in a sport. This made them experiment simple ways to develop a sport that due to its very ingenuity would enable UK to become a world champion. They also thought that this way they could make UK remain a world champion for all times in this particular sport.

The four men were Pete Cheetham, Eddie Stansfield, Pete Dean and Mick Damon. They played and popularized the sport by getting Mick’s girlfriend’s father to do so as he was an editor of a newspaper.

Although Mick was world champion till 1975 he was dethroned of the title by a Canadian. This ended their passionate dream of making UK the world champion in this particular type of sport.

After this defeat the sport disappeared from view and only to appear as some sports enthusiast took it up earnestly. Now regular world championship in toe wrestling takes place in UK, Pakistan, India and China.

Basics of Toe Wrestling

Toe wrestling is done with your toes. In crude forms it may be just about pinning down your opponents toe yet over the years the sport event has come out with some rules and regulations. During a toe wrestling match you pin down your opponent’s toe in at least two out of three bouts. If your toe is not perfectly matched with that of your opponent’s then you may find it difficult to pin down the toe that is quite large.

Generally, toe wrestlers make sure that they have the strength to take on the other and in most events larger the toe you have the better is your advantage. Naturally, this is the reason that large sized toes are better and this coupled with enough muscle power tend to bring down your opponents toe even faster.

In this sport each player interlock toes and then the side pushes begin such that each player tries to pin down flat on the ground the other’s toe. Each match lasts for a designated time and the opponent too tries to pin down the other player’s foot.

Winner is decided on a 2 out of 3 basis. In most matches that are held in public on grass floors or concrete ground a medal is given to the winner.

Rules of Toe Wrestling

The toe wrestling of modern times has certain rules before you are selected for any event. Although the sport has not been officially received by the Olympics Committee yet it is played in some countries which incidentally have high population and thereby great scope in expansion across these regions.

Before a participant enrolls himself for a toe wrestling match he must be medically fit. For this it is mandatory for him to undergo checkup by a qualified nurse before he goes into the ring. The examination is detailed and there must not be any injury or other deformation on the area of toe.

It is mandatory as a courtesy that each player would take off the opponent’s shoes. This gesture was necessary to bring in some humility and discipline in the sports.

Again, each match is allotted only 3 seconds within which time either player must have successfully scored. Winner is determined on the basis of winning 2 out of 3 matches.

Players are allowed to use only their foot and no hand and they bend one another’s toe to the right or left and then right again to pin down their opponent. In large competition there may be more players and a grand trophy is presented to the winner who had won all the events. A referee would oversee the action and decide the winner.

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Toe Wrestling Injuries-How Do You Treat a Broken Toe?

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If you have a broken toe or think that you have then you must be able to tell the difference between that of a muscular toe pain and that of broken toe pain. For this you may lightly press on the area where the pain originates so as to understand the pain itself. If you are still in doubt then remember to note whether you have a throbbing pain as this would make you experience difficulty in walking even a few steps. Usually a person does realize that his or her toe is broken due to the nature of event that has caused it. For instance, if any heavy object has fallen on your toe or whether you have met with an accident or you have engaged in toe wrestling competition.

All the above may suggest that your toe is broken and that you need medical treatment quickly.

You will experience pain and tenderness on your toe if the same is broken. This area is likely to swell up and become red in coloration. You will find blood under the broken toe nail and that portion has also become quite stiff. If you have met with an accident then you may find bruises and redness of the skin around your toe. You may otherwise feel the same when a heavy object is dropped on to your toe.

In all these cases the pain will remain with slight increase and immediate decrease and yet again to increase within moments. This is especially so when there is a hairline fracture.

Again, broken toe may also get deformed with of course severe pain accompanying it. Apart from these when a heavy object may fall on to your toe you may experience bleeding when there is an open fracture. Sometimes the traumatic fracture may be so severe that you may find your toe facing in wrong direction too.

Immediate Treatment Options

The first thing to do would be to lie down to take a few moments of breadth. Then you may apply some ice before help reaches you or you may take help of another person to assist you. When you know that your toe is broken and that there is no respite to the throbbing pain that goes on and on, you are left with no option, but to try out some instant remedies. Of course, such treatments do not take the pain away, but often relieves you off intense gnawing pain. This may enable you to keep your balance while walking or climbing into a vehicle for further treatment at a hospital.

The ice usually helps you in compression on the affected area and then you need to put a pillow or two below your legs to raise that portion of the affected area. This will help your toe from swelling. You may even take an over the counter pain killer so that the pain is significantly reduced till such time you reach a clinic or hospital.

This will also enable you to take easier steps than before so that you may take care of your preliminaries and then go to the clinic.

Treatment by Medical Practitioners

You will be asked to undergo an extensive check up on the affected toe. This will require X-Rays and other diagnosis as the medical practitioner may suggest. Again, this depends upon the severity of the fracture or in some cases when the toe needs to be put back into its place. This will have to be done through surgery. Your surgeon in that case would recommend you to undergo an operation.

Naturally, you will be given some anti-inflammatory pain killers before the operation starts. This will lessen your pain and give you some temporary relief. The surgery may be over yet your doctor would suggest you to take rest as well as make sure that your toe is buddy taped so that the affected part is well protected.

In smaller or milder fractures the doctor may recommend you to tape toes so as to splint a fractured toe.

In case the fracture is severe and so also the pain then you need good medication as well as complete rest and this may last not less than six weeks. You may be laid up for a while so take the time to catch up on things you need to do. When I had an injury I spent time doing some research on casual dating. I looked at HookupDatingReviews and made plans for some dates when I was off the mend. It is also to be remembered that when you experience an injury on your toe then it would be better to go to a doctor for consulting about it than rely on over counter remedies that are only meant to give temporary relief.

It must be borne in mind that there is possibility of complications on the injury like severe pain, stiffness, further bruising, nail injury, appearance of more fractures, infection, deformity as well as arthritis if the treatment is prolonged. Again, earlier the treatment then better too would be the healing process. Your toe diagnosis may also reveal other aspects of your health and hence it is better to consult a doctor. … Continue Reading